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Posted on Sunday, October 16 2011

Questionnaire Preview; i love my…

Just want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who filled out my Body Relationships Survey.

From the 100 responses that i received some really interesting results came out, which i am in the process of sorting through…..
Here is just a snapshot showing a proportional representation the parts of our bodies that we love the most.

How do you compare?

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Posted on Wednesday, October 12 2011

The Body.

I need your help please lovely people…..

Can you fill in my short survey?- Takes under a minute to fill in, is totally anonymous and will massively help me in gathering research for my final year project.

Just click this link- 

Thanks xx

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Posted on Thursday, September 29 2011

Exploring Identity and other things at the V&A……

Yesterday i hopped on the district line all the way to West London to the Power of Making exhibit at the V&A.
Had a really lovely morning, going really slowly and taking it all in….(despite being surrounded by about six busloads of school kids on art trips and the fact that the exhibit itself was pretty crammed….. PLUS, there were lots of scary shouty women telling us not to take any photos….so i managed to get a sneaky few in but then had to resort to the old pencil and paper to sketch and take notes…..which was actually quite nice in the end!)

So anyway, some really beautiful and incredible designs on display….really pushing barriers of traditional craft and re-using traditional techniques in an incredibly modern way.
Came away feeling really buzzed up, but a few of the works particularly inspired me….one being this incredible fingerprint lamp by Dan Yeffet.

Using rapid formed technology paired with the individuality and uniqueness of his own fingerprint, Yeffet addresses the idea of the loss of privacy when such a personal detail is shared with the viewer.

The result is an incredibly beautiful shape with the irregularity of his print forming beautiful patterns…… “its unique swirls becoming channels through which light could shine.”
The light coming from it really was beautiful…..super practical as well as being a really lovely design.

I love the idea of something as individual and personal as a fingerprint being used to inform design processes. And the fact that the designer has used his own uniqueness to stamp over his creation.

When asked to define his work, Yeffet said; “Definitions are our limits; i would like to consider myself as an explorer and an adventurer”

Check out his website for more of his stunning work…..


I also loved this GIANT knitted piece by Christien Meindertsma who by scaling up a traditional technique wanted to draw our attention to the “animals which provide raw materials for the things we do in our daily lives”.

Then there was the fantastic crocheted panties from the Koniakow Cooperative in poland who caused controversy in their hometown when they switched client base from alter clothes for monks to the underwear market in order to keep the craft alive. (apologies for the crappy picture….that was when the lady started shouting!)

Buy your handmade thongs here people…..

An incredible spray on dress was included by Manel Torres…..

And finally, a trip to the V&A wouldnt be complete without a lovely browse around the sculpture gallery…..





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Posted on Thursday, September 22 2011


(Clothing by Emesha-Image from The Esthetica Review)

Earlier in the week i popped down to Somerset House to check out the LFW Exhibition section (and to so a spot of people watching of course)..…..i was really impressed with the work displayed (some Gorgeous pieces), had some great chats with some of the designers and after feeling quite creatively stuck for a while now, left feeling inspired to get going with my own work again. PLUS i saw SamCam being escorted around…..the woman looked amazing.

First i started with the Esthetica rooms. Im always interested to see the designers who exhibit here……i find myself continually frustrated with designers addressing ideas of ‘eco-fashion’ or ‘sustainability’ as they so often just look like A-level ‘experimental’ textile projects with ugly patchwork ‘up-cycled’ designs OR worse, look like they’ve been made from some crappy potato sack material thats completely ‘eco-friendly’ and looks exactly that.
The frustrating thing is that while most of these designers really stand for values that have GOT to be addressed in the fashion industry…..just a part of me screams…SURELY WE CAN DESIGN BETTER THAN THAT??? Nothing is ever going to change if designers have their hearts in the right place but at the end of the day aren’t producing products that anyone actually wants to buy.
Things are improving though and there are some that really are working to make a change without compromising on their design aesthetic.

Emesha was one of them with a brand ethos of exactly that;
“EMESHA’s mission is to source new eco-friendly fabrics and to produce quality garments that are sustainable in both manufacture and design, without sacrificing style.”

Production is based in Hungary (where the designer is from) where she saw a decline in the fashion industry based there. Emesha also uses “only natural, therefore biodegradable and recycled fabric”.

Her collection at the exhibition was really beautiful with gorgeous prints and fabrics. Didn’t get any pictures from the exhibit but have posted up images from her work included in a shoot in ‘The Esthetica Review’ and also some pictures from her own site.


Another designer that i was really excited by was Lucas Nascimento (in the main exhibit) who used traditional fabric techniques but used in an ultra-modern and beautiful way (all fabrics are hand woven in Italy and then brought to the UK studio to work with).

Colours, fabrics and shapes are all Stunning and i literally want every piece (especially after seeing his intern wearing one of the dresses and looking totally gorgeous) (imagery taken from their lovely lookbook)


Finally there was the fabulous print collection at Migh-T.
 Incredible illustrations and prints and a lovely website too. too……


More fashion week inspirations to be continued……….

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Posted on Sunday, September 18 2011

Sunday morning inspiration.

My favourite scene from one of my favourite films…..some food for thought for my sunday morning (along with my coffee and poached eggs).

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Posted on Wednesday, September 14 2011

Painted part 2 (experimenting).

Had an afternoon recently of just playing around with painting shapes on the contours of the body……this is one of the results on my beautiful (and amazingly willing) friend miss ruth lake.
Dont know where im going with it yet and its nowhere near as impacting as it could potentially be, but i like some of the ideas behind it. so we will see if it takes off anywhere…..

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Posted on Friday, September 9 2011


In my exploration of body art in fashion, i was reminded of the gorgeous Spring 2010 Rodarte collection where the Mullevay sisters sent down the runway an army of painted girls.
“The idea that someone could “be scarred and still beautiful” was the collection’s leitmotif, and it was about as far from some banal notion of “tribal fashion” as you could get.”
I love that concept of being ‘Scarred and beautiful’. Carrying around wounds from our lives (whether visible or not) which piece together to make up our beauty.

I always look to see where they will take the direction of the brand next (very excited to see their Spring 2012 collection later this week) and where they draw inspirations from. What i love here is that they havent just explored a theme solely to inform their collection but have given a character and a persona to each of the models. The collection here is as much about the wounds of the characters and their own journey as it is of the clothes themselves.

Flicking through an old copy of Dazed and Confused i came across the image below; a collaboration of photographer Rankin and the makeup artist Alex Box. It explains in the article of how the idea for their collaborative work came about from Rankin discovering a book of his work which had been drawn all over by Box. The end body of work is a stunning series of beauty shots where Box has either painted straight on the model or worked into afterwards;


I will be attempting to re-create a similar idea of painting shapes on the body, so check back in to see how it works out……


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Posted on Monday, September 5 2011

Back In The Studio.

After more than a year of working in an office (even though i loved it), i finally got back in the studio today working with my fabulous friend and amazingly talented photographer Amy Barton.
Despite being mainly a beauty shoot, myself and partner in crime Jessica Harman were brought along to dust off our styling skills and pull together some of our old work (and most of our wardrobes!)… us a day of good practice before we dive back into uni and final year!!

The day was an absolute success… was a great space (, hair and makeup girls were fantastic (hair by diane here;, model Tessa was brilliant and im really pleased with the end result.
Will post some of the edited shots up soon but for now here are a few sneaky shots of the day………

p.s. while your at it, check out more of Amys fantastic work here;

Jess standing in to test the lighting (and after running around all morning she still gives the model a good run for her money!!)

Check back in later for the proper stuff…….xx


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Posted on Friday, September 2 2011

On my pinboard….Inspirations Post no. 1

Maybe its because i dont have any so its something of an unknown to me, but ive always been fascinated by Tattoos.
According to a study on ‘Generation Y’ (from; L2 Generation Next Forum Website);

40% of my generation have tattoos.

The idea of permanently marking your own body feels to me so hugely significant in the way that we portray ourselves to everyone else. Its almost like branding your own skin with what you have to say.

Here is a selection of Body Art imagery that im in love with right now and what could be the beginnings of inspiration for my final year collection? ;

imagery from; Freepeople, Unknown, Jak and Jil, Tattoo book, own drawing, Return of the Tribe book, Freepoeple

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Posted on Thursday, August 11 2011

“Whatever you want on your fingertips”

(guy bourdin, taken from




I have always loved painted nails and these particularly caught my eye.
These nails were created by swirling different colours into a pot, then dipping in the fingertips and afterwards removing the rest of the varnish from the skin.
Now thats dedication.
I love.

To me, my nails can reveal more about my mood than my clothes can. Theyre just a tiny part of me but always on display and usually painted and looking a bit interesting.
Maybe this means on some level i am suppressing some of my identity……only revealing it in a small way.
But even if theyre chipped and scabby, i would rather have some colour on than nothing at all.

Today i bought this…….
It makes me want a reflective jacket to match.

Heres some more nail eye-candy from the incredible artists at WAH Nails……..I LOVE!

Vouchers as presents please? xxx



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